Digital Capabilities and Culture

Conceptualize, Mobilize & Capitalize on Digital Transformation

Conceptualize, Mobilize & Capitalize on Digital Transformationdigital-economy-img-2

According to McKinsey & Company, organizations that focus on transforming culture and building capabilities during a digital transformation are 2.5 times more likely to succeed.

The world of digital transformation has upended nearly every industry and organization, allowing for new ways to be competitive.

But without building a culture and capabilities that can keep up with this rapidly changing technological landscape it is like racing a NASCAR without the pit crew.

You can do it, but will soon be running with bald tires and risking an accident, and your track times will certainly not be anything to boast about!

Why Should It Matter?

Culture is pivotal for a company’s digital transformation success, but in our experience, some stumbling blocks make organizations concentrate on technology instead…

Fear of change, lack of perception, and a clear road map often make cultural realignment messy.

But organizations that take the plunge to end up with positive business-impacting transitions.

By ignoring culture, an organization risks transformation failure

UniAspect Digital has the expertise, tools, and internal resources to integrate digital culture and capabilities deep into your organization’s workflow and employee mindset.

Why Should digital capabilities and culture matter?

How Can UniAspect Digital Help?

For a successful digital transformation, we focus on three primary cultural attributes:

We enable leaders to embrace risks, work within the organization to break down silos, and prioritize your customers.

Our methodology fuses active learning and mentorship during projects, with immersive experiences outside the office.

When it comes to organizational development, we know that one size does not fit all, which is why we tailor our programs specifically to your company’s culture and needs.

No matter if you’re looking to upgrade the talents within your digital teams or carry out a companywide change, our programs are tailor-fit for your organization’s needs.

We develop strategies that allow your organization to capitalize on the digital world and change employees’ mindsets to explore how technology can improve business prospects.

We cultivate the culture of thought leadership and support teams to work collaboratively to share ideas and move forward.

Overall, we change the culture by making it think digitally, which means developing a digital strategy and ensuring everyone embraces technology.

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UniAspect’s Digital Capabilities and Culture Initiatives Can

Cultural Touchpoints

Cultural Touchpoints

Unlock key insights into cultural performance to take draft actionable steps towards improving company culture.

Cross-Functional Collaboration Enhancmenet

Cross-Functional Collaboration Enhancmenet

Breakthrough the barriers of information silos between teams and improve communication

Improve Capabilities

Improve Capabilities

Create a system to improve capabilities through hands-on training and client summits

Digital Culture Analysis

Digital Culture Analysis

Measure and analyze the digital transformation initiatives in your organization against the industry’s best practices.

Establish Change Requirements

Establish Change Requirements

Identify what parts of the culture need to be changed to foster a digitally savvy environment in your company.

Cultural Transformation

Cultural Transformation

Transform your company’s culture by adjusting it to the digital environment and matching it with your strategic plans.

A Digital Culture Empowers People to Deliver Results Faster

Leaders who guide their organization through digital transformation are often preoccupied with structural and process changes and overlook the people side—only to wonder why the effort faltered?

UniAspect’s expert team will outline a strategic vision for your digital transformation efforts.

We will focus on building and implementing systems, processes, and structures to support cultural transition along with workflow transformation.

A transformation study conducted by Boston Consulting Group found that the number of companies reporting breakthrough or strong financial performance was five times greater (90% vs. 17%) among those that focused on culture compared to those that neglected culture.

Companies that focus on culture sustain strong
or breakthrough performance

UniAspect’s digital solutions go beyond running pilot programs or managing organizational functions and processes.

We assist with improving performance management, resource allocation, people-management practices, and tools.

In short, we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that you make the right decisions to incentivize digitization efforts.

UniAspect Digital has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies evolve through our Digital Capabilities and Culture program. Talk to us if you want to grow your organization’s digital maturity through digital transformation.


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