Service Operations

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Service Operations


Effective service operations are essential to any company that wants to scale and grow its business. They can help drive down costs, improve efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

Service operations are activities that create value through the production and delivery of services. It encompasses everything from customer service and support to manufacturing and logistics.

The importance of service and support operations cannot be understated. When these functions are neglected, it results in wasted resources, poor speed and quality of service, and low customer satisfaction.

At UniAspect Digital, we take a holistic view of service and support processes to help our clients make the necessary changes to optimize their selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) expenses.

This comprehensive approach also allows us to get more out of digitization and automation for our clients.


Our Approach to Optimizing Service
and Support Operations

UniAspect’s approach transcends a single method or product—we excel in different areas of the service industry and support functions. We carefully select the right project type with an effective methodology accompanied by practical tools.

We work with you to redesign processes, implement new technologies, and build the capabilities you need to deliver world-class service.

Our expert team has a deep understanding of how service organizations operate. We combine this insight with our expertise in change management, technology, and organization design to help you achieve your service goals.

We bring a versatile and skilled team to every project. Our team employs human-centered design, digital solutions, and agile principles to create custom solutions for you.

At its core, we offer a comprehensive understanding of all functional capabilities to service and support operations, as well as specialized expertise tailored to specific industries.

UniAspect Digital's Service and Support 
Solutions help your business run more smoothly, 
no matter the industry.


Our service operations teams specialize in multiple key functions across industries. We leverage the deep and proven expertise of our consulting teams to optimize your SG&A expenses and supercharge performance.

Why UniAspect Digital?


Support Functions

We see every support function and shared service as a massive opportunity to create value and give us an edge over the competition.

We don’t just make improvements; we look for ways to make processes faster, smoother, and less complicated. More than simply making recommendations for improvement, it’s all about actual execution. This leaves you free to focus on activities that create value.

Customer Service

Thanks to the digital era, you now have a dizzying array of customer service options, such as apps, social media channels, and chatbots. It can be difficult to pinpoint the one that will improve customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

We help you select and implement customer service practices that are cost-effective and will work best for your business.


Asset Management

We work with our clients to ensure that their business processes are efficient and effective, so they can make the best decisions possible surrounding investments, design and construction, maintenance, and decommissioning of assets.

We leverage data and metrics for informed decision-making and transform your business processes to maximize business impact.

Field Service

Field service—work done at a customer’s location—has a large impact on a company’s profit, loss, and public image. However, these units often don’t reach their goals in productivity, quality, or cost-efficiency.

To improve these areas, we partner with clients to change their workforce management practices.


Marketing and Sales

UniAspect automates your back-office processes at scale so you can focus on other areas of your business. This makes your lead-to-order process much faster and more efficient.

We optimize expenses related to SG & A as well as create value through innovation and creativity.

Digital Transformation

We provide end-to-end process redesign and technology transformations for your operating model.

We partner with you to analyze results, compare your performance against other organizations, and prioritize recommended interventions that could have the greatest potential impact.

Our impeccable business practices create sustainable supply chains across the board. We combine proprietary digital capabilities, deep domain expertise, and a rich database of your industry’s key performance indicators to create highly effective customized solutions.

Operating with Fortune 500 firms across the globe enables us to bring a global perspective to our services operations with particular expertise in offshoring and global business services.


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