Digital Strategy and Risk

Ensuring alignment while minimizing risks.

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Organizations are under constant pressure to deliver greater value to their customers and create sustainable sources of competitive differences.

This means connecting and analyzing customer data for new insights to increase sales, customer loyalty, and customer experience while reducing cost-to-serve.

Digitization is one of the best ways to leverage data, insights, and operational models.

However, digital transformation should not be a stand-alone initiative developed in organizational silos. Rather, it should create a seamless customer experience that supports the organization’s financial and brand objectives across all touchpoints, channels, and devices.

To help our clients accomplish these goals, we combine our capabilities in advanced risk analytics with a deep understanding of organizational operations and the industries in which they operate.

Paired with expertise in strategy, organizational transformation, and how to make change happen, our value proposition is unique and powerful.

Digital Strategy and Risk

Our approach to Digital Strategy and Risk Consultation includes:

Advanced Risk Analytics

1. Advanced Risk Analytics

We are at the forefront of helping organizations transform risk management through advanced analytics while supporting broader efforts to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

We do so by combining our expertise in risk analytics with deep experience and understanding of our client’s business context.

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2. Outage Business Impact Analytics

Long-term, outages and burnouts are a major threat to customer experience (CX). If you don’t have insight into your application’s metrics, you’re making your business vulnerable to issues you’ll never solve for.

Monitoring helps alert you to failures and provides more detailed insight into uptime and traffic. Our expertise can help find out the root cause of frequent outages and recommend an industry best practice solution to avoid it.

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Outage Business Impact Analytics
Advanced Risk Analytics

3. Program Audits

Advances in technology are enabling changes in business models, improving productivity, and driving innovation.

We help internal audit departments be proactive advisors to senior management, enabling the board to stay at the forefront of these advancements and be alerted of emerging risks along the way. Our audits include:

  • Internal Audit Outsourcing.
  • Internal Audit Co-sourcing.
  • Internal Audit Partnering.
  • Quality Assurance Substantiation.
  • Audit Committee Advisor
  • Independent Internal Delivery Audit
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4. Operational Compliance

We have developed a best-in-class framework and tool kit for managing non-financial risk. First, we determine the risk appetite and current strategy, as well as organization and governance processes.

Then, we will implement key risk processes, tools, and systems to create a strong risk-protected culture. We can also create a customized framework to respond to specific client needs efficiently.

Our Operational Compliance includes:

Outage Business Impact Analytics

Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring

Whether it is advanced analytics, robotic process automation, continuous auditing, or continuous monitoring, we provide services for our clients that are the right size for their needs.

Complex Digital Transactions Risk Management

With billions of transactions happening daily, having robust synthetic transaction monitoring in place is critical.

Independent Internal IT Supplier Delivery Inspection

Measure deliverables against the contractual SLA/OLA with the vendor.

Business and IT transformation Alignment Inspection

Ensure that your digital transformation strategy is aligned with corporate strategy as key success criteria for digitalization.

Data Analytics Model Inspection

We advise clients on a broad spectrum of model risk-management topics including defining model governance, policies, and procedures, identifying model needs, validating models, and providing the necessary organizational support, capabilities, and culture. Our deep capabilities in advanced analytics allow us to assist clients in model validation across all model classes.

Outcome Efficacy in Pre-Production Inspection

Ensuring that data-driven decisions are effective by doing stress testing in a closed environment.


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