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We prioritize your value and growth by focusing on your prime asset: Your Customer

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Having a great customer experience is essential to the success of any business. The digital age has created multiple touchpoints for the end user that all influence their journey. Ensuring that customers are happy with their interactions across all touchpoints is essential to creating a positive customer experience.

But can investing time and effort into perfecting customer journeys actually lead to tangible benefits? Our experience shows that it can. In fact, we've found that focusing on the customer experience and taking a holistic view of the journey can significantly impact business outcomes.

However, developing a world-class customer experience doesn't happen overnight. It requires careful planning, execution, and ongoing refinement. This process can be intimidating and generate a lot of stress for leaders, especially because it often requires changes across multiple departments in the organization.

This hesitation creates real risks for the business.

This hesitation creates real risks for the business.
This hesitation creates real risks for the business.

Companies that start building the capabilities, talent, and organizational structure needed to create exceptional Customer experience (CX) will see substantial advantages. Those that stick with the traditional systems will be forced to play catch-up in the years to come. According to McKinsey & Company, top-performing user-centric companies outpace their peers in terms of revenue by nearly two to one. Critically, they also rapidly iterate as they design new experiences, ensuring they prototype and test them with consumers to increase their chances of success.

We, at UniAspect Digital, are a mission-driven team of data and business advisors who are committed to leading your business to success.

With more than 20 years of industry experience in corporate functions, business services, data science, emerging technologies, and restructuring and turnaround services, our team is a strong partner that can support your growth and can assist you with challenges.

Equipped with an extensive library of tools, code knowledge, reference data, and other custom-developed proprietary tools and methodologies, we rely on data to drive change.

We co-create strategies that help our clients to rapidly pivot and execute successful brand decisions. We take a holistic, predictive, and precise approach that is clearly tied to your business outcomes.

Our Customer Journey Design & Analysis strategies focus on:

Brand Purpose

Your company’s customer-experience aspiration should be unique and specific to your organization’s purpose. This will ensure that your CX-transformation programs are clear and coherent, and provide value that can be measured and tracked.

We take a close look at your current customer experience and identify any areas that could use some improvement. This can be anything from streamlining your website design for better usability to revamping your in-store experience to better meet customer needs.

Brand Purpose

UniAspect Digital identifies the internal processes and technology capabilities you need to substantially reimagine your customer experience and create a road map that highlights critical activities and required improvements.

The identified experiences with the greatest potential impact on customer behavior are consolidated and the development of the required capabilities is prioritized.

Strategic Analysis

The businesses that provide the best experience from start to finish along the customer’s journey can expect to enhance customer satisfaction, improve sales and retention, reduce end-to-end service costs, and strengthen employee satisfaction.

There are a few companies that have mastered the art of agile development and created a culture of continuous improvement.

One common mistake is implementing different parts of the program separately, without ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This can lead to communication problems and accountability issues, which can sink even the most straightforward transformation plan.

Strategic Analysis

Another big issue is trying to do too much at once which only leads to frustration and ultimately undermines all your efforts. The key here is to focus on making small, incremental changes that will have a big impact on the overall customer experience.

UniAspect Digital is your cross-functional team to derive changes for fruitful success. We take true ownership of your projects with our deep technology expertise.

UniAspect Digital is your cross-functional team to derive changes for fruitful success. We take true ownership of your projects with our deep technology expertise. We make sure each change has a specific purpose and is tied back to your overall vision of what great looks like for your customers.

We use design thinking and advanced statistics toolkits to carry out rapid-fire quantitative and ethnographic research to define customer personas and understand customer needs. We help you develop innovative concepts and prototypes that address your customer’s pain points, and use advanced analytics to identify and prioritize meaningful performance metrics.

Once a strategy is developed, we scale it across your business and technology platforms. We are by your side as you test and refine them across segments and geographies. UniAspect Digital ensures that the culture of technology-enabled innovation becomes a distinctive competitive asset that is sustained over time and across all geographies.

By using ideation tools and methods, conducting customer research, and bringing together cross-functional experts, we co-create strategies that help our clients to rapidly pivot and execute successful brand decisions.

Smooth Transition

A company’s technology stack is critical to delivering exceptional customer experiences. A good technology stack should span the business and include a digital platform built around microservices and APIs, an omnichannel contact-center platform with call recognition, chat, video chat, and email management, and a system that integrates all of the platforms together.

This allows companies to quickly and flexibly offer a variety of services to customers.

Smooth Transition

We create the best management systems with sophisticated feedback loops that teach employees which behaviors yield the best results and guide innovation teams on where to focus their efforts. It also allows your company to accurately predict the current satisfaction and future spend of each of its customers based on their experiences.

Through strategic planning, we can understand which factors are creating systemic issues or opportunities over time. By helping you prioritize your efforts, we ensure that you are focusing on the areas that will have the biggest impact on the customer experience. This allows you to make the most of your resources and improve the customer experience, which is essential to thriving in today’s multichannel, multi-touchpoint, hypercompetitive consumer markets.


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