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Multinational companies looking to expand their presence in emerging markets need to be aware of the limitations of their data. To make informed business decisions, it is important to understand when to trust data and when to use other methods for evaluation.

With global growth slowing, the margin for error has become much smaller.

Emerging markets are home to a wealth of opportunity but also come with unique challenges. One of the biggest problems is a lack of good data.

Executives are taught data is the backbone for strategic planning and operations. But in emerging markets, there are significant data gaps, biased data, and outdated or incorrect numbers.

It is easy for executives to make misguided investment decisions, and put a company’s reputation and jobs at stake.

According to Harvard Business Review, the year 2022 saw a 37% increase in the number of companies investing in data analytics, making this the largest investment reported by marketing leaders.

But what does it take for these investments to pay high enough ROI to consider them worthwhile?

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All too often, businesses lose steam while conquering emerging markets. Paired with failed customer conversation campaigns, this can result in lost market shares in saturated markets. Competitors excel because they are exposed to new-age methodologies that help them make data-driven decisions during their strategic quest.

UniAspect Digital collaborates with your business to build your marketing digitalization strategy from the ground up. We provide you with industry best practices and case studies aligned with your requirements and capabilities.

Many executives we’ve worked with admit that they are still more facile with data capture than data crunching. UniAspect Digital applies advanced analytics to a large amount of structured and unstructured data at their disposal to gain a 360-degree view of your customers.

This involves mastering multichannel to generate distinctive and practical insights from digital sources as a starting point for clients to develop new contact strategies, streamline planning and execution processes, and upgrade internal capabilities.

By doing this, we can help clients increase sales productivity and other performance gains.

What We do?

Close the Data Gaps

Executives often look for industry-specific data indicators to predict sales and other metrics. However, the more specific the information, the less likely it is that data will exist for that particular information.

Yet this is a problem often overlooked by data providers and executives alike. Data providers commonly employ models to create the data to fill the gap between what businesses demand and what data is available.

This can have serious ramifications on data quality. And executives are often not warned to evaluate those models with skepticism.

To effectively bridge the gap and deliver a business requires an agile team of experts in analytics and information technologies, marketing, and experience design.

UniAspect Digital is a cross-functional team of maestros with strong collaborative and communication skills and a relentless commitment to iterative testing, learning, and scaling—that is exactly what your business needs to tackle the digitalization challenge.

Our team designs development pathways and creative business models to use industry-specific indicators. We combine insights from digital with an integrated customer experience approach. We fill in the gaps with the right proxy indicators so that your data is accurate and specific.

In-Depth Market Analysis

While saturated markets have realistic data oftentimes data for emerging markets is biased. There may be a lot of reasons for that, such as political interference, stake-holder driven agendas, or even a flawed forecasting process.

The difficulties caused by erroneous data can be extremely costly for companies. Not being able to properly assess opportunities or threats can lead to missed chances and misguided plans. To prevent these negative outcomes businesses, need to have reliable sources of accurate information.


At UniAspect Digital, we are committed to providing our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date data possible. Our team of experienced analysts utilizes the latest tools and techniques to compile insightful reports which check data sources against local market observations and expectations.

We also work closely with our clients to ensure they have a clear understanding of our findings and what that means for their business.

With our assistance, you can be confident that your decisions are based on sound information, allowing you to maximize your opportunities and minimize your risks.

Meaningful Data Interpretation

Meaningful Data Interpretation

Data is nothing but an overwhelming pile of numbers, graphs, and charts if not interpreted correctly.

As your trusted partner UniAspect Digital will help you make clear guidelines, usage, and data interpretation services. We establish clear organizational standards for gathering and interpreting data.

Different Modeling Techniques

To overcome the challenges posed by less granular data, we test and adopt different modeling techniques. For example, Bayesian regression is a probabilistic approach that can help to stabilize the model, identify outliers, and reduce overestimation.

This approach gives more accurate coefficients, which help to overcome missing data.

Different Modeling Techniques
Optimal Decision Making

Optimal Decision Making

UniAspect Digital uses a marketing return measurement study as an essential tool for making informed decisions about where to allocate marketing resources. The tool can help determine the impact of different marketing decisions on business measures such as volume, value, and profit.

Additionally, the tool can help you to identify the optimal decisions that leverage the model outputs. This helps to ensure that your marketing efforts are efficient and effective.

Emerging markets are a huge opportunity for companies looking to grow. But it can be tough to know how to measure marketing returns in these regions.

UniAspect Digital has successfully used advanced analytics methodologies and proprietary tools to measure marketing returns.


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