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How to Configure ServiceNow Catalog Items for Microsoft Search

If you are using ServiceNow as your IT service management platform, you might want to make your catalog items searchable…
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Public Cloud Spend Tops $800 Billion in 2024

The global public cloud services market is continuing phenomenal growth, driven by digital transformation initiatives and a fundamental shift in…
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Industrial WLANs Drive Efficiency and Agility

The market for industrial facilities networking is undergoing a significant transformation. Operational Technology (OT) networks, traditionally reliant on wired connections,…
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Why CEOs Crave Digital Business Growth

For the past decade, navigating uncertainty has been a defining characteristic of the Global Networked Economy. From economic downturns to…
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Smart Grid Growth Reaches the Tipping Point

The world's electrical grids require significant modernization to handle the transition to renewable energy sources and enable more efficient energy…
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$4 Trillion Digital Transformation Upswing

As a C-suite leader, you're constantly bombarded with investment opportunities. In today's large enterprise arena, few initiatives hold the same…
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Data-Driven Health Care: Enhancing Patient Outcomes Through Digital Engineering

  The content on this page was commissioned by our sponsor, Persistent Systems. MIT SMR Connections MIT SMR Connections is…
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GitHub – On-Prem Server Connectivity Using Self-Hosted Runners

Various deployment methods, including cloud-based (e.g., CloudHub) and on-premises, are available to meet diverse infrastructure needs. GitHub, among other tools,…
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Capacity-Based Vendor Consolidation: A Transition Success Story – Equipping People and Processes

Health insurers play a unique and crucial role in ensuring that people have access to affordable, high-quality care. As the…
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