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How GenAI Transforms Mobile Messaging

Mobile communications applications continue to evolve in response to new technology use cases. Telecom service providers and software vendors are…
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Salesforce: A Growth Mindset for 2024 and Beyond

We’re in Our #GrowthEra  It’s a new year, and with that, there is always change. One of those changes is…
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Zigs & Zags – The Opposite of a Great Idea Can Also be a Great Idea

I get a lot of enjoyment from the creative and innovative side of the work I do. Helping clients or…
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GenAI Upside for Marketers and Salespeople

The global marketing and sales landscape is evolving rapidly. New business technology is a game-changer, promising to automate tedious tasks…
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The Intelligence Revolution at the Edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating cloud-enabled transformation, but what if its true power lies at the network edge? Edge AI…
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Rise of GenAI-Powered PCs and Smartphones

The exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications will create demand for new devices that are purposely enabled and enhanced…
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Emerging Markets Fuel B2B Payment Surge

The evolution of business payments has lagged when compared to the pace of new adoption methods in other segments, marked…
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Why Manufacturers Need a Phased Approach to Digital Transformation

Research Feature Those that succeed with this difficult work break it into three stages, each with its own guiding metrics.…
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The Manifold Benefits of Custom Fleet Management Software in Supply Chain

Cost, Compliance, Efficiency, and Manpower – These are the pillars on which a fleet management business stands. A compromise on…
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