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What Goals to Set for Your Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is not just for Airbnb, Uber, or Shopify. Organizations across the globe, even the bigger ones, need to think about their digital strategy if they don’t wish to be wiped off by the next hot startup. This means setting goals that focus on creating an agile and flexible infrastructure that can quickly pivot […]
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How to Measure Your Digital Transformation Success?

Executing a digital transformation initiative can be an immense challenge, even for the most seasoned CEOs. But what is even more difficult? Crafting meaningful KPIs to measure and refine that progress is the REAL hurdle! Don’t just pull a generic list from the web and check all the boxes. When it comes to digital transformation, […]
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8 Steps To Keep Your Roadmap On Track During Your Digital Transformation

When Neville Isdell took over as CEO of Coca-Cola in 2004, the company was in dire straits. It had seen its market share slide dramatically, leading to a decrease of 26 percent in revenues. Isdell was determined to turn the company around and restore it to its former glory. He immediately set out to right […]
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How Well Are You Prepared for Digital Transformation. Take This Quiz to Find Out

With the rise of digital transformation, some businesses are finding themselves in a dystopian future akin to the one depicted in the movie "The Hunger Games." To avoid this fate, it's important to be prepared for the challenges of the digital age. The Digital Transformation Quiz can help you determine how prepared you and your […]
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Questions You Should Ask Before Embarking On Digital Transformation

Every organization realizes that embarking on the digital journey is the right course for them, yet many struggle to sail the ship and safely reach the shores. Digital transformation has turned into a rat race, one which was fueled even more due to the COVID crisis. This haste has prompted organizations to divulge into quick-fixes, […]
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Don't Get Left Behind: Explore The True Meaning Of Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation, and how does it differ from traditional business transformations? Traditional business transformations tend to be driven by a specific goal, such as improving efficiency or reducing costs. Digital transformation, on the other hand, is more about using technology to create new value for the business. This could be anything from developing […]
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