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Capitalizing on a $900B Telecom Opportunity

The global telecommunications market is forecast to reach $900 billion in operator-billed revenue in 2024, according to the latest worldwide…
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How AI Changes Your Workforce

In this short video, two experts share insights on how AI is reshaping work, workers, and talent ecosystems. MIT Sloan…
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Enterprise Application Modernization: A Top Priority For Businesses in 2024

Enterprise Application Modernization is a critical need in a rapidly evolving digital world.  Application Modernization helps drive smart decisions and…
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All Aboard! Visualize Business Impact with the Enterprise Cloud Transit Map

Cloud modernization is the primary driver of digital transformation and impactful business value. Cloud platforms have evolved from core technology…
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Empower Citizen Developers to Accelerate Innovation

  This content was created by the speakers of this event. MIT SMR Connections MIT SMR Connections is an independent…
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Showing Grit When Performing Manual QA

Many times, in my career when performing QA, I’ve dealt with many times where I’ve felt uncertain about my efforts.…
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Why You Want To Use Looker Studio For Data Visualization on BigQuery

If you have built or are building a Data Lake on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and BigQuery you already…
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User Acceptance Testing Execution Tips for Websites and Portals

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the final stage before launching new functionality.  What should be an exciting time can turn…
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The Event-Driven Data Layer: Unifying Analytics and Development Teams

One common way of implementing tags through Adobe Launch is using a data layer, which is a JSON object (key/value…
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