Murtuza Mirza

Founder & Managing Director | UniAspect Digital
THE "GROWTH WHISPERER" for Fortune 500 companies that need to innovate, out-perform and over-deliver without sacrificing the fundamentals of great business. Singular ability to identify the root cause of growth impediments and successfully eliminate them through advanced applications and analytics, restructuring core operations, and taking a new approach to strategic partnerships and alliances.


Murtuza is the Founder and Managing Director of UniAspect Digital, a company that specialized in helping organizations achieve operational excellence and drive growth through digital business transformation.

Professional Experience: 

Murtuza has been a trusted advisor and seasoned negotiator in the digital business transformation space for over two decades. He has helped clients accelerate growth in their core businesses, expand into new categories, channels, and geographic locations, design innovative business models, and even bring underperforming organizations back from the brink. Murtuza has a wealth of experience in positioning, designing, and implementing enterprise-wide, analytics-based problem-solving solutions for distinguished Fortune 100 engagements. His areas of expertise include organizational change, business process reengineering, sourcing strategy, transaction development, and vendor governance. He is a skilled negotiator and has a proven track record of helping clients achieve their business goals. Murtuza works with senior leadership teams all over the world, including in North America, Europe, and Asia.


In addition to his technical expertise, Murtuza is a compassionate and client-focused leader who is dedicated to building positive, inclusive cultures within organizations. He is also known for his ability to bring a bit of frivolity to even the most stressful of situations. Murtuza is committed to supporting the growth and development of his team members and has a proven track record of helping clients achieve their business goals through effective leadership and communication.

Education and Expertise: 

Murtuza holds an MBA in International Business and a Postgraduate Program in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Applications from the Texas McCombs School of Business at UT Austin. This education, combined with his extensive experience in business and technology, has equipped him with the necessary skills to effectively address challenges in a variety of sectors, including finance, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, and more, with a particular focus on consumer industries.

Community Involvement: 

In addition to his professional achievements, Murtuza is deeply committed to giving back to his community and making a positive impact on the world. He regularly volunteers his time and resources to support a variety of charitable causes and is always seeking ways to use his skills and experience to make a difference.

Personal Life: 

When he is not occupied with his clients, Murtuza can be found at home in Austin, TX with his lovely wife and beautiful daughter. In his free time, he enjoys staying active and reading. Murtuza is also an avid fan of international cuisine and loves trying new restaurants and recipes.

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